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Get Game Summit

Tonight, I’m not doing work on Centurion: Legionary of Rome, though I likely should. I’ve signed up to run D&D Next at Game Summit on 2 Feb at 19:00. Right now, I’m doing the pregens for the game, which is a good way to learn some of the rules (at least for me). After I’ve got six characters done (max five people at the table, so there is at least one extra character), I’m going to flesh out “Get Damodar,” the intro adventure I did at Cottage Con. I was more relaxed and looser at Cottage Con because it is literally a weekend at a buddy’s cottage and no more a con than a house party is a con.

After I’m prepped for Game Summit, it’ll be back to Centurion for me. Keep an eye on the SEP site for Centurion updates, and save up your pennies for March, when the crowd-funding campaign will hit.

You can find more information about Game Summit here.

You can get in on “Get Damodar” here.