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Battling With Centurion

I have another Centurion playtest on Wednesday, and there is an aspect of the rules that is bothering me but that I can’t quite conceive of a solution. To explain the problem would require a fairly good knowledge of the rules, so in the interests of brevity, I’m not going to do that.

This is just an example of why working in a group can be both energizing and difficult. In a group, one can brainstorm, can gather up a multitude of ideas – even if many or most are worthless – and often in discussing these ideas, something grows. I find in brainstorming sessions the solution is rarely suggested, but is synthesized as the strengths and weaknesses of various ideas are discussed.

However, if one has issues of control – as I have exhibited in the creative process – this may be difficult. Not having complete control means that one may consider the outcome sub-optimal. That does not mean the outcome actually is sub-optimal, but without critical examination, one may never learn that, and so continue to lament that one could not control the outcome.

In the playtest, I generally have the best of both worlds. Centurion is my baby, and I have final say. Often when I bring a problem to the table, there is a brainstorming session, and the crew spitballs lots of ideas. Even if one of the ideas isn’t the one I fly with, considering these options is often enough to introduce me to the solution on which I finally decide.

So, I’m going to try to have a solution ready by Wednesday (hrm . . . maybe not) but then get a brainstorming session going after the game.

This thing has to be ready to rock and roll by February so I can crowdfund it (or not)!