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My Three Girls

This one is about to get personal. If you’re only here for the geekery, walk away.

You’ve been warned.

My eldest daughter – known on Twitter as the Princess – will very soon be six. She’s in first grade now. Last night, we had both our parent-teacher meeting and the Princess’ first Sparks meeting. Sparks is entry-level Girl Guides/Scouts, and the Princess came home in her first uniform.

This is totally squishy, but I swelled with pride when I saw her desk. She’s a real student doing real school work and – according to her teacher – helping out other kids who are having difficulties in class. I also felt a little funny in the gut seeing her in her Sparks uniform. My mother was heavily involved in the Girl Guides of Canada all her life. She unfortunately died before the Princess was born. She would have been so happy to see her granddaughter in that uniform. I’m so proud of my Princess, and I’m so thankful that my wife is able to stay home with our two daughters and mould them into such wonderful people.

Just had to say that. I’m a proud papa and my girls – all three of them – are awesome.