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Kickstarting Fabled Environments

You may remember Fabled Environments and Charles White from the times he’s been on the Accidental Survivors podcast. Fabled Environments produces some really impressive maps for use with modern-era campaigns. Now Fabled Environments is trying to get a PDF map of a 100 store, two-story mall funded. I’ll let him explain it in his own words:

This kickstarter is for a .PDF of a map of a 100 store, two-story mall that is over 750,000 square feet. The map will have three anchor stores, multiple shops of various sizes and a small, five vendor food court. One of the anchor stores will be detailed while the remaining two have been left to the GM to customize using a sheet of fixture icons, which can be printed and placed in a blank anchor store or shop to create a custom space.

Since many mall stores are designed in a similar fashion, four different store floor plans will be provided in order to flesh out the mall where needed. The entire map of the mall will be provided in 1″=5′ scale and stretch goals will expand and flesh out the mall to help create a bigger and better map for players and GMs alike.

The $10 support level will get you this map. If this sounds interesting, but you aren’t sure, let me tell you that the maps I have from Fabled Environments are top notch. If you are concerned about quality, I’m going to put my neck out there and say that you can expect good quality.

So if this map sounds like something of interest, go hit up the Kickstarter and help Fabled Environments give you what you want.

You can find the Kickstarter page here.

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