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D&D Next, How Do I Love Thee?

Since Wizards is talking about it, I assume I can as well.

The new iteration of the D&D Next playtest rules came down the pipes, and I’ve had a look. I am very stoked.

What I see so far is a game closer to the D&D I like with a lot of options for character customization. What I fear is that this iteration will continue the rules growth curve, providing more and more rules for very specific situations.

And actually, that’s fine. If the way one builds one’s character and the types of characters remain true to this iteration – if not exactly then at least in spirit – I will likely be back on board the D&D train. I hope to be able to actually do a play test (which I didn’t with the last iteration) and give the rules as written a good shakedown before I start to house rule them. And by house rule them I mean house remove rule them.

I don’t need specific rules for bull rush or charge or even wrestling; I can figure that out on the fly and based on the player’s intended effect. If the complexity is front-loaded into character creation, I’m cool with that. I can be familiar with the effects of the skills, feats, traits and spells my players’ characters have. Those are the rules that are important. The basics of how stuff gets done is consistent with 3 and 4E, so that is simple enough. If this game spirals into the kind of rules bloat I have never enjoyed, that’s easy enough to ignore.

I’ve got a soft spot for D&D, and I don’t want to be estranged. It looks like Wizards is working to win back my love, and they are doing it right.

You can find out more about D&D Next here.