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Build Up Some Karma AND Your SEP Library

Cross-posted at Sword’s Edge Publishing.

Here’s the deal. My daughter is fundraising for the Heart & Stroke Foundation through her school’s Jump Rope For Heart. Don’t know how many of you out there have a few spare dollars, but if there’s anything in the SEP PDF catalogue that you would like (other than Sword Noir or Kiss My Axe, as I owe people money on those), I’ll be happy to send it along as a thank-you for any pledges.

This offer is good until 0600 GMT on Thursday 12 April 2012.

I’m pretty sure the donations page provides some information on who is donating what, so if you donate $50 or more, I’m going to offer you one of two “rewards” for your generosity.

First Option: I will run a game over Skype or Google Hangout for you and up to two of your friends. If there is more than one $50 donator (I have my doubts this will be a problem), maybe we can all join in together. The game will be for a minimum of 3 hours, and I can run it using Sword Noir, Kiss My Axe, Centurion, Head Crushers, Sword’s Edge System, Old School Hack, or True20. You can pick the genre, if you like.


Second Option: I will write you a short story on the subject of your choice with the main character of your choice, minimum of 2,500 words. If there is more than one $50, (again, highly unlikely) I may have to do a mashup, with the highest donation providing the main plot and character and any other donations providing secondary characters and subplots. We’ll work something out whatever the case.

So, if you are feeling charitable and want some SEP swag, now’s the time to donate. Please follow the link below to donate before 0600 GMT on Thursday 12 April 2012.

You can find the donation page here.