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Space 1999 + 100

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I fondly remember Space: 1999 as one of those shows I watched in syndication along with Star Trek TOS and the Starlost in order to glut my sci fi hunger back in my younger days. To my young mind, Space: 1999 seemed the most cerebral of those shows. Having watched the pilot again recently, I have to say that if it were updated with modern SFX (and fashions, yeesh!) I’d likely watch it. I’d still think the premise was stupid (how fast is that moon moving?) but I’d watch it.

And so that’s just what is happening. Soon we shall be getting Space: 2099. Here’s hoping they do fix the SFX, fashion and basic premise (the moon can move, yes, but let’s have some kind of warp or something getting it from system to system – something only slightly more plausible than an FTL orbiting body, granted, but give me something). Let’s also hope they get a quality cast, delivering quality performances based on quality scripts.

I’m expecting way too much, aren’t I?