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Getting Out of Everyone’s Head

My latest effort is going poorly, mostly because I’ve been busy with other projects including helping my wife with her studies. However, I’m about three-quarters of the way through a story based on the premise of the adventure “the Kheufer Scrolls.” This is from a short story that I had started some time ago, but I’m using very little from that. The reason is that I am doing a little experiment and attempting to write in very limited third person narration. This means I am not getting into any of the characters’ heads. There is no real point of view character and while the narrator is technically omniscient, no information beyond that which one might see or hear in a movie.

It’s incredibly difficult, given that I’m used to writing from a character’s PoV. I usually spend a fair amount of time in a character’s mind. I expect this will cut out about one-third of my usual narration. It’s an interesting exercise, but I wonder if what I complete will be any good.

We shall see.