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Some Strange Singer Submitted

A little while ago, I finished a story that had been around in one form or another for a few years. It’s called “Singer of a Strange Song.” It gained some traction in my creative brain when I changed the main characters to Brude and Drust from “A Dead Pound of Flesh” from Black Gate #15. After I got all my RPG writing done (slight interruption when I wrote a playtest document for Centurion: Legionaries of Rome), I put butt in chair and finished it. After some editing, it looks to be in submit-able shape, so that’s what I did – I submitted it.

What’s next? A sequel to “For Simple Coin,” which was in On Spec and is included in the eponymous Sword Noir short story collection. What will give it some traction in my creative brain? I’m making it even a little bit more hardboiled by changing it to first person narrative. I know, I know, lots of submission guidelines say “no first person,” and maybe it’s going to make it un-publishable, but it makes sense to me to mimic Raymond Chandler.

Stay tuned for regular submission updates. Fingers crossed I’ll have some good news in 2012.

You can get information on Black Gate # 15 here.

You can find On Spec here.

You can find For Simple Coin here.