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Hypocrisy: How I Hate It

Warning: I’m about to get political. If that’s not your thing, move along. If that is your thing and you want to comment, please be aware that comments are moderated. Dissenting opinions will be published, but if you’re a dick, that comment will just get trashed. Speak your mind, but don’t be a jerk

Last warning. Rant begins below.

In general, I support the police. They have a very difficult job, and I know the bullshit they face every day has hardened many of them. My interactions with the police, in general, have been through one of my previous jobs–in which I consulted with and was consulted by police at the federal, provincial and municipal level–and the three traffic tickets I or my wife have received in the last decade. In all those interactions, the police have been polite, professional, and even-tempered.

Seeing these images, though, makes me extremely angry. We are different in this country and in those others of the “Western” world because we have the rule of law and representative democracies. Unfortunately, the images coming out of the “Occupy” demonstrations are showing the police as brutal and fascistic–and I do not use that term for hyperbole, as I believe police beating individuals involved in peaceful protests, whether they are responsive to police demands or not, is fascistic. The police need the community in order to do their jobs well. This is losing them that community. It’s not the fault of the RCMP officer stationed in Yellowknife that the NYPD are looking like thugs, but that officer is unfortunately painted with that brush.

And we cannot look to our elected representatives to do what is right and call the police to account. They are likely instigating it or at least silently supporting it. Governments are now owned, I have no doubt of that. I have lost my faith in politicians and in my fellow constituents. Money is buying elections and voters have become too apathetic too care . . . until after then election when they complain, complain, complain.

The people involved in the “Occupy” demonstrations at least are doing something. I will bet they voted as well. The problem is, at least in the USA, the man they voted for, the one who promised change, is owned by the same people that own every other politician.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is a lovely depiction of hypocrisy.

2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy: How I Hate It”

  1. And people wonder why we play games, tell stories, and have few true friends. We’re surrounded in a complex universe where we’re specks of dust with the ability to comprehend and calculate and the curse to need purpose. We grew up seeing black-and-white and learned to experience colour, then became angry when the colours weren’t as brilliant as promised.

    Sometimes it’s just easier being a speck of dust.

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