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Apropos of Nothing: Morning Darkness

The seasons have shifted and now it’s dark out when I go in to work in the morning. I actually like it. I used to be out and about in the cities in which I lived late into the night. Even after my wife and I married, we had many a night prowling the downtowns of Taegu and Seoul in South Korea, or Waterloo, Toronto, and Halifax back home in Canada. After the kids came, though, I rarely see the city draped in darkness.

The autumn is a good time for it. The weather hasn’t turned too chilly—though, honestly, only the worst of the Ottawa winter weather actually bothers me—and I really don’t mind strolls in the rainy darkness. Heck, it makes me think of Blade Runner and film noir, so it’s actually somewhat inspirational.

It also doesn’t hurt that I don’t mind coming in to work, so it’s not like I’m on a trip to the gallows or anything.