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Tell ’em the Limey’s Coming

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“Tell ‘im I’m coming. Tell ‘im I’m fuckin’ coming.” – Terence Stamp as Wilson

I watched the Limey on the wonderful TV Ontario “Saturday Night at the Movies.” I own the DVD, but the presentation began with interviews of some of the principals, including Peter Fonda. It was interesting and informative.

My wife asked me, as we watched, if that’s what I would do if someone hurt one of our daughters. I would love to say yes. I would love to believe that, like Wilson, I would basically surrender my life to the quest for revenge. Of course, unlike Wilson, I would have another daughter and a wife to think about. I also don’t have his skill set. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t go into a warehouse with a 9 mil and execute ever last motherfuckin’ one of ’em (yes, quote from another movie—doesn’t matter, is apt).

This movie is both artistically adept and tense. It also has some insanely good performances, especially from its lead, Terence Stamp. The man is phenomenal. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies. This means you.

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