Running Silent

Yes, I’ve been very quiet. I got the manuscript for Kiss My Axe: Thirteen Warriors and an Angel of Death RPG. That’s a Viking RPG based on Sword Noir . . . which continues to sell relatively well. I’m almost done a Sword Noir adventure called “the Kheufer Scrolls.” When that’s done, I need to do the one-shots for Gen Con—yes, there will be one-shots for both Sword Noir and Kiss My Axe to play at Gen Con. Those one-shots will then be released post-Gen Con as products.

So, yeah, things will likely continue to be quiet until those projects are all wrapped up. On the up side, there’ll be Sword’s Edge Publishing stuff to buy. Great, eh?

Sarcasm? Maybe.

Buy stuff here.

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2 Responses to Running Silent

  1. Walt says:

    Looking forward to everything you have coming out. If you need art for anything let me know.


  2. Fraser says:

    Thanks for the offer! I’ll be sure to keep you in the SEP loop . . . if there is one.

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