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I’ve been Plagiarized!

Can you . . .

-ahem- This post is going to have language which may offend some. You have been warned.

Can you fucking believe it? One of my RPG products was plagiarized. For those of you who know me from my RPG stuff, you’ll like know Sword Noir. If you know me through my fiction, Sword Noir is an RPG based on a genre I try to write to, the same genre as “A Pound of Dead Flesh” in Black Gate #15.

Some jackhole plagiarized basically the entire text, threw in a few new paragraphs, wrapped it up in a shittily designed package, and had people pay him real cash money to own it.

People do this? There are seriously people who can sleep at night by stealing creative ideas and the expression of those ideas and passing them off as one’s own?

I rant about this to a greater extent over at the SEP website.

Still kind of in shock. Time to eat some apple cake and have an evening coffee.

You can buy Sword Noir here.

You can buy Black Gate # 15 here.