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Menacing in 3D

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And so, the date for 3D Phantom Menace is 10 February 2012. While this is not the date of the Mayan apocalypse, perhaps it should be.

While I doubt this will be an apocalypse, there is no way Lucas is going to get me to put any more money down on the prequel trilogy. However, if we expect one movie a year, that puts Star Wars (you can’t make me write A New Hope, there is no way I’ll . . . never mind) coming out around 2015. My eldest will be 8 and my youngest will be 6.

Yup, I see a family event taking place.

Let me take my two girls to see Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back on the big screen, and I will forgive all else, Mr. Lucas. All. Else.

If you care, the announcement is here.