Fear of its Publishing

Another story is going in the “wait for an anthology?” bin. I’ve gotten some very nice comments and helpful advice from editors regarding “Fear of its Prey,” my only foray into horror/dark fantasy, but no offers. It’s likely because I don’t read the genre that I’ve failed in writing a story for it. The idea was essentially fantasy, but it kind of straddles the line, with fantasy elements and horror elements. It’s also very long for the modern market (7,320 words

In any case, apparently I didn’t do something well enough. I’ve carefully considered the comments of editors, but—of course—the wants and desires of one venue does not necessarily translate well to all venues.

If anyone wants the story, I’m looking for a minimum of 1.5 cents US per word. That’s about as low as I’ll go as I can publish it myself in some other format and get as much for it. Sorry, anthology and magazines that offer $25 or even $50 just aren’t worth it for me. I’m not saying they are bad or are ripping off authors, but I have a very mercenary viewpoint in regards to allowing others to publish my work, and $50 for over 7k words doesn’t interest me.

If you are interested, you can read the opening three paragraphs here.

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