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Losing the Golden Panda

If one has to lose, this is a race in which losing doesn’t feel so bad.

Even by trying to rig the system by sending in two stories (what can I say? I had to lines of inspiration and followed them both!) I only tied for second in the Jennisodes Golden Panda contest.

If I had a vote—and had not entered, ‘cause then you KNOW I would have voted for myself—I would have gone with the haiku. Sure, it was short, but it was a haiku! For an animal native to China! There’s so much meta there it’s awesome.

Thanks to the Jennisodes for getting me to finish two short little stories. It was a fun exercise. Now, I must plan out how I shall acquire a hardcopy of Fiasco without paying 18 ga-jillion dollars in shipping.

You can read the entries here

All the entries are titled “the Golden Panda,” but if you are interested in mine, let’s subtitle them “Death and Life in the Jade Empire” and “He of the Knife.”

Thanks Jennisodes.