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Crowe’s Iron Fist

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I have no idea what kind of a director RZA will prove to be. Given the name of his group (Wu-Tang Clan), his interest in “kung-fu” films is likely not surprising. It’s also likely not surprising to anyone who knows me that I know nothing of the Wu-Tang Clan, other than what I may have read in the entertainment section.

So what can we expect of The Man with the Iron Fist? For the most part, I have no idea. The only part about which I can offer expectations is casting. We can expect Lucy Liu and Russell Crowe.

This, in theory, makes me very happy. I have fondness for Ms. Liu, who I consider both devastatingly hot and a very good actor. I also have a fondness for Mr. Crowe, who has delivered some absolutely stunning performances in his life. Ms. Liu has proven her screen-fu in Kill Bill (Part 1), though Mr. Crowe, for all his action-y roles, has not.

Given that, the Matrix has proven that you can pretty much take any actor and make him or her look like a credible fighter, with the right training and the right team.

So does this mean I am optimistic about the movie? I certainly believe that those two particular actors could deliver. I have no idea what the script, look, or any part of the actual delivery will be like.

Let’s just wait and see.

And for no particular reason, other than I can, Lucy Liu: