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Casting Resurrect Blog!

Sure is quiet around here. Maybe too quiet.

I wish it was because a storm of posts was a-headin’ this way, but that just ain’t so.  No, I’ve been heavily invested in getting some stuff ready for Sword’s Edge Publishing. Two of those things are games, one is a supplement, and one is a short story compilation. If you follow the SEP website, you’ll have seen the announcement already.

I’m in the middle of writing the final parts of Kiss My Axe, which is a role-playing game set in the Viking Age. The part I’m writing now looks at different times and places in which one could run a Viking game—though, when one looks at the historical eras preceding the Viking Age, one isn’t actually playing, y’know, Vikings. In any case, I hope the section will prove of interest and give people some inspiration for running their games.

What does that mean for SE? I’m going to try to do at least two posts a week in the future. Hopefully, you’ll all stick around. The deluge of people seeking pictures of Odysseus, which really skewed my Google Analytics numbers, has passed, so I now have a fair idea who is actually interested in what I’m saying here. Frankly, I’m kind of surprised so many of you are still around.

Thanks! And I’ll see you soon.

You can find my SEP plans here.