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Ant-Man is Apparently Redeemable.

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There’ve been a couple of articles out about Edgar Wright and an Ant-Man movie. First off, good choice for a director. Second off, for all the Ant-Man haters, piss off. If Hank Pym is the problem, make it Scott Lang or even Eric O’Grady to avoid the crap that both the regular stream and Ultimate universe Pym has all over him. It’s a movie, of course, so we could avoid the wife-beating issue (much less prominent in mainstream Marvel vs. Ultimates), but whatever. It doesn’t matter the name of the character, because while it may look very similar to the comics Ant-Man, it’s not going to be that guy.

Why? Well because Mr. Wright indicates his Ant-Man is a bad ass secret agent who happens to also have the shrinking powers. That is pretty cool, and it would be nice if this secret agent were also a science nerd—like Hank Pym—rather than just an amusing jack ass—like Eric O’Grady. I’d also like the character to have the more modern Ant-Man suit and powers, those from the recent (and, of course, cancelled) the Irredeemable Ant-Man.

This movie isn’t even close to production, and who knows if it’ll even get there. The only thing that I would accept sidetracking this project would be an Iron Fist project (or possible a Heroes for Hire with Iron Fist as a main character).