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Zack Snyder Saturday

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I’m not the biggest Zack Snyder fan on the planet, but I enjoyed 300 and thought the Watchmen was a good but far from perfect product. I have to admit, though, to being jazzed by what I’ve seen from Sucker Punch. It seems to play to Snyder’s strengths: action and visuals.

I have no expectations for story. I have no expectations for characterization. I want the over-the-top action scenes promised in the trailers. And to those too-cool-for-school hipsters out there who scoff at this and talk about how they’ve seen all the slow-mo then revved up style before I say: “Good. Don’t fuckin’ go. Let me check and see if I care . . . oh, what a surprised, I don’t.”

There’s a new trailer up here.

And on the Zack Snyder front, he’s also recently kicked me in the junk . . . metaphorically, thankfully.

He’s come out and said Zod is not the villain for Man of Steel, the new Snyder-helmed Superman movie on the horizon.

Listen, I knew it was a long shot getting Terrence Stamp to reprise the role, and I also knew that if not handled correctly Zod would be a piss-poor villain, but goddamn if it wouldn’t be cool to a have some Stamp-tastic Zodyssey on film.

Snyder, I have a strong feeling I’m going to enjoy Sucker Punch, but that doesn’t mean you can mess up Superman.

You’ve been warned.