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Prequel Portman

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So there are a bunch of actresses up for the female lead in the Alien prequel. Some of the names include Natalie Portman and a bunch of other people.

I vote for Natalie Portman.

Listen, I’m sure everyone else is an outstanding actress. They are all varying levels of hot, from extremely to eyesocket burningly. But, c’mon, it’s Natalie Portman!

We know she can act. We know she can do action. And just envision her in a soaking undershirt.

See? I was right, right?

Anyway, I’ll be in my bunk. Don’t forget, Natalie Portman for Presi . . . for the lead role in the prequel.

In case you actually want to consider others for the role (you are dead to me), the article is here.