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Falling for Immortals

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Some of you out there might know of the film-maker Tarsem Singh, also known simply as Tarsem. While I never did see the Cell, I was mesmerized by the Fall . . . that is until my wife asked me to switch movies because it was putting her to sleep.

Yeah, anyway. . .

I found Singh’s style arresting. The pace of the Fall was languid, but I was digging it, mostly because it was packed with atmosphere, I liked the story as I saw it unravel before me, and the performances were fabulous. Yes, I will be returning to finish that movie some night when my wife is busy.

Right now, Singh is working on Immortals, which sounds like it will do what the Clash of the Titans re-make attempted to do, and that is make a good, exciting movie about war between gods and men. There’s very little on the internet about this movie, but everything I’ve seen so far get me excited.

Now I’m hearing rumours that Singh has been brought onboard to direct a re-telling of Snow White that is closer to its original roots, no longer whitewashed Mother Goose/Disney pablum. That sounds interesting. If I see it, it’ll be because of the director and not the source material.

Also, there’s another movie that’s supposedly in production that focuses on the Woodsman as a mentor and protector of Snow White after he refuses to kill her on the Evil Queen’s orders. Less likely to see that one.

All this just to say I’m excited to see what Singh does with Immortals. Fingers crossed.

More information on Immortals here.