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Digging the Old School Hack

Just wanted to do a very quick post then get back to doing abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

Go check out Old School Hack. Corey Reid (he of the awesome Dino Pirates of Ninja Island) pointed the way, and it was my road to Damascus.

Old School Hack is just about the best synthesis of old school and new ideas in a very, very rules light package I‘ve ever seen. I love this. So. Very. Cool. 18 pages, and that includes a character sheet, 7 class sheets, and even action cards (and a cool . . . excuse me, Super Cool card displayer). Fast read, looks like fast mechanics, and a very cooperative, fun vibe. I think I might try me some S&S action with this if I ever get the band back together.

Go download the free PDF now.

And go check out Corey Reid’s web presence at Scratch Factory.

1 thought on “Digging the Old School Hack”

  1. Thanks for the post; I never would have know about this game. First look at the PDF is encouraging. Now to find some time to play it.

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