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Bones for Batman

Okay, this is totally just a rumour, and one that I actually have a hard time believing, but it is so infused with awesome I just had to share.

Apparently, after the release of the Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. is going to produce a TV series based on Nolan’s Batman franchise–well, based on the comic book, of course, but the rumour indicates the suit running this show would keep it in line with Nolan’s movies–except for one important caveat. The bad guy for this TV series is going to be the Joker.

Now this sounds interesting, but it is not enough to get me excited, especially since what made Batman Begins and the Dark Knight so amazing was Christopher’s Nolan vision of the character and his ability to shield the production from tampering. Moving it onto the small screen without that protection means all bets are off. This could be all kinds of awesome or all kinds of suck.

The part that gets me excited is the name attached to play Batman/Bruce Wayne: Karl Urban. I’ve been a fan of Karl Urban’s since seeing him as Eomer in the Two Towers. I even endured Pathfinder because it gave him a starring role–only the inclusion of Clancy Brown allows me to mention that movie without beating my head against the table. Having him as Batman is an inspired choice. He’s got the look, he’s got the chops, and he’s got the physicality to deliver.

Get this production a good show runner and a slew of good scripts, and you might have a real winner.

More likely than that, though, is that this will all evaporate like dream vapours shat out the ass of pessimism.

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