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Bond Bouncing Back?

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With the MGM having filed for bankruptcy, projects can begin production (or not, I really have no fucking clue about financial stuff), and it seems that there is some hope that the next Bond movie might be out as early as November 2012.

Yeah, I know, 2 years doesn’t seem “early,” but considering that’s from dead to total, public life, that’s not too bad. There is a script out there, but will it be used? There is a director attached (Sam Mendes), but will he still be available? And how will this fit into Daniel Craig’s schedule?

There’s hope at least, and if things do actually get cleared up, we’re told the Bond movies will be coming pretty regularly.

Let’s hope. Let’s also hope this resurrected Bond doesn’t begin the decline that seems to invariably hit every re-energized, re-focused moment in the film franchise.