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Rally for Hope! or Bilbo! or Something . . .

Oh, wait, maybe the Hobbit will be filmed in New Zealand!

Somebody, please, make a decision. Frankly, it sounded a lot like sour grapes when Peter Jackson said he was moving production out of New Zealand. Sure, there are contract disputes and shit, but it’s not like the government of New Zealand voted to bomb Jackson’s home with untreated human waste. Unions do what unions do, and sometimes that’s protecting their members and sometimes that’s being a bunch of fucktards.

Bottom line, I would actually prefer New Zealand be the location for the shoot, just because it did such a good job of standing in for Middle Earth the last time. Seems someone in New Zealand agrees, since there’s going to be some kind of rally or demonstration to try to get production to stay in New Zealand.

Do it, Jackson. Come on, just ‘cause some other people are being dicks doesn’t mean you have to.

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