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Is Wolvie Turning Japanese?

It’s pretty much official that Darren Aronofsky is going to be the man helming Wolverine 2. This is cool, but not screaming-like-a-teenage-girl or shit-my-pants cool. A director who has done great work is not necessarily a great director, and a great director for something like the Wrestler is not necessarily a great director for something like a Wolverine movie.

However, it is good news. He does have chops. Word is, the movie is going to be set in Japan. We can hope it follows the Wolverine mini-series, which was awesome, though the first movie didn’t have any Japanese backstory in the history of Wolvie montage. Should we assume it happens between his leaving Team X and the time of the adamantium memory bullet (it hurts to write that).

Whatever the case, with Christopher McQuarrie writing the script, Aronofsky should get something solid. That’s as long as some studio douchebag doesn’t focus group the shit into it. Filming is supposed to begin next year, and Hugh Jackman has promised this is going to be something darker, something different from what has gone before.

Here’s hoping.