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He Moosed My Childhood!

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You must have all heard by now: George Lucas is going back to the well yet again. This time, he intends to re-release all six Star Wars movies . . . in 3-D! Dimensionalize those mothers!

I can’t say that I am surprised. If anything, the prequels and the Refrigerator Indy movie seem to indicate that Lucas isn’t the creative machine he was in the 70s and 80s. And he certainly doesn’t have enough money!

Wait, is my sarcasm showing?

I’m done with the whole “he raped my childhood” bullshit. These are his movies. He can do with them what he will. I have to give Lucas props as a producer and creator. His achievement with Star Wars and the first trilogy can never be tarnished by his later profiteering and blatant shitting on his own magnum opus. I just wish he would sit back, throw out general ideas, then let others actually write and direct the stuff while he produces the fuck out of it.

Because that’s what he’s good at.

I won’t be seeing the prequels in 3D (and they will be coming first), but if he gets around to doing the original trilogy in 3D, I’ll be there. Also, if these come out roughly once a year, my oldest daughter should be about the right age for Star Wars, meaning that I can introduce it to her in a movie theatre.

And if that happens, all the other shit that Lucas has done will be forgiven. If I can introduce one or both of my girls to my childhood in the temple of that childhood, Lucas will be sainted in my heart.

My head, though, will still want to feed him to the rape moose.