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Flaming Heads Don’t Come Cheap

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Y’know, I still haven’t seen the movie Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage. It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching Mr. Cage chew the scenery, because that can be downright fun sometimes. It’s not that I didn’t want to watch Eva Mendes be all Eva and stuff, ‘cause I’m totally cool with that. It’s not even that I couldn’t care less about the care, because I did actually collect the 90s revival of Ghost Rider for the first year or so. It’s just that I see so few movies, I usually go with the ones that get me jazzed. Hearing about the Ghost Rider movie definitely made me pass.

We already knew a sequel was in the works. It was also pretty commonly accepted that Mr. Cage would be back with a flaming head. Now the word is that the budget has been cut. Cue the shocked gasps . . . actually, instead cue Claude Rains as Captain Renault and his “I am shocked, shocked to find . . .”

And it’s still reportedly getting a budget of $75 million. Wow, hard times. Cage is said to have taken a pay cut from $12 mil to $7 mil to hold onto the role.

Wait. Hold the bus. Nicholas Cage is getting $12 million for a movie? Really?

Wow. Just wow.

The article can be found here.