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Equalizing Crowe

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Don’t know about you, but I was a fan of the Equalizer, that show that had Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, ex-intelligence operative who went private, and helps people out of there jams. Kind of like the A-Team, but cooler, more subtle, and more violent.

There’s some talk that we might see an Equalizer movie starring Russell Crowe. Now that, my friends, is an inspired choice. Crowe isn’t what I would call old, not as McCall was portrayed in the TV series, but he certainly could be experienced. He also brings both acting chops and physicality to the role. Crowe is also get a Producer credit, though I doubt he will actual be, you know, producing.

Right now, Paul Haggis is on tap for the script. Haggis has done a lot of good scripts, so it looks like we could get both a script and star that can deliver. But what of the director?

Ah, there’s the rub. Bringing Ridley Scott—of whom I am usually a fan—on board to the last Russell Crowe starring vehicle turned the quirky and by all accounts fantastic script Nottingham into the clunky Robin Hood. If Haggis directs, we might be okay, given that he has proved he’s got the talent for it and he’ll be directing his own script, so now off the reservation meanderings.

Right now, I’m cautiously optimistic. The Equalizer concept is a good one, but we all know what Hollywood likes to do with those.