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Truly Lying TV

What do you think about seeing the Tasker family on the screen, doing all kinds of spy type stuff? That could become a reality as James Cameron is looking at creating a TV series based on his movie True Lies.

I have to admit to being a True Lies fan. I thought it was a great movie, a great comedy, and a wonderful parody. I would love to see it as a TV series, if it was done right. I honestly can’t decide if I would like a total reboot, with Helen not knowing, or a carry-on series, starting up where the movie left off.

Of course, if it runs for at least two seasons, we could have it both ways, having the season one finale the point at which Helen learns, and then season two would be her being indoctrinated as an “Omega Sector” operative.

One good thing about it being a TV series is that they can re-cast it. Nothing against any of the principles, but the movie was made in 1994. Unless they are going for something completely different, I don’t think the Tasker family +16 years is what anyone is interested in seeing.