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The Fringe of Moriarty

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I know Jared Harris as that creepy English dude from Fringe. You know, the one in the German jail? Apparently, he’s in other stuff, but I haven’t seen it, so that’s how I know him.

I expect I’ll soon be referring to him as that guy who plays Moriarty. I’m hoping you can follow this trail of bread crumbs.

In case I’m being too opaque, Harris is taking on the role of Moriarty in the next Sherlock Holmes movie—and, yes, that would be a sequel to Guy Ritchie’s Robert Downey Jr.-Jude Law vehicle, the sequel which will have Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes.

Since my exposure to Harris is limited, I actually have a hard time picturing him as Moriarty. Moriarty in my mind is Holmes minus ethics and morality. I would imagine that is the entire point. Given that, I can’t see creepy Fringe dude being a doppelganger for Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes.

However, I am more than willing to put some faith in Ritchie that he’ll pull it off. Just don’t let him write the thing.