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Super Nolan!

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Christopher Nolan is a busy, busy man. And outstanding.

Right now, Nolan is both working on a script for Batman 3 and interviewing directors for the Superman reboot, Man of Steel. There’s not much to say about the Batman 3 script except that Nolan’s brother, Jonah, has finished a draft that Christopher is now going through.

On the Man of Steel front, looks like Nolan has a pretty nice list of possibles, that includes Tony Scott and Zack Snyder. For me, Tony Scott is very hit and miss, but give him a good script and he’ll deliver something visually stunning. Snyder is a tough one, because while I really liked the Watchmen, it still fell kind of flat for me, and I can’t exactly put my finger on why that is. Everything I see about Sucker Punch gives me wood, so it’s possible he’s another director like Tony Scott, who can bring something visually dynamic to a good story.

Also in the mix are guys I really have no opinion about—Matt Reeves, Jonathan Liebesman, and Duncan Jones. These guys might be absolute superstars, but I wouldn’t know.

I trust in Christoher Nolan to continue to bring the awesome to the party.