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Russell’s Iron Fist

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I really know nothing about rap/hip-hop/urban music, but I do know of the Wu-Tang Clan and their love of king-fu movies. I’d read previously about RZA’s plans for a kung fu movie entitled The Man with the Iron Fist, and it sounded like an interesting update. Now there is some talk that Russell Crowe is going to be involved in the movie and that’s it’s going into production before the end of the year.

Who knows how this will all play out. RZA is apparently going to be writing and directing. It is, of course, possible that he has talents in both areas. I’m not going to expect much, and that’s probably what I’ll get.

It really is cool, though, that RZA is able to go forward with his dream project, and maybe do it on his own terms. Those of you out who read my blatherings here know I’ve had more than a few ideas, and it’d be pretty awesome to actually get to bring one of those to fruition.

Especially with a cast that includes Russell Crowe.

The article on which this post was based has disappeared as of 24 Jun 2015. The movie’s been made now, and Russell Crowe is in it.