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Like the Incredibles . . . but Strange

I have to admit to a certain amount of affection for Marvel’s Doctor Strange. I kind of dug, in a totally pre-teen way, the Doctor Strange television movie from way back when dinosaurs walked the Earth. Now, there is talk of another film starring Dr. Stephen Strange.

It’s very, very cursory—a quick mention of a possible project—but the possibility exists that Pixar will do an animated Doctor Strange.

Now, Pixar does great work, and I think Doctor Strange would make an excellent movie, but I have to admit to being apathetic about this. First, the chances of it coming to fruition are far less than even. Second, Pixar is known for children’s movies—kid’s movies that adults can certainly appreciate and that deal well with mature themes, but kid’s movies nonetheless.

So, it would be cool to get an adult, animated Doctor Strange movie, I’m just not going to hold my breath.