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Liam Neeson Needs Money . . . or something

I must be missing something here, either that or Liam Neeson has now subscribed to the 1970s Michael Caine school of business—as in, you never know when this business will shit on you, so take just about any paycheque offered.

Neeson has apparently signed on for Peter Berg’s film adaptation of the game Battleship. This adaptation, mind you, includes aliens, which I don’t remember from the game.

Also on board are Taylor Kitsch from the Wolverine movie (meh) and singer Rihanna (eh?). Neeson is said to be playing an admiral, while Kitsch is playing a naval commander and Rihanna is playing a weapons specialist . . . of course she is. They are part of an international task force fighting aliens.

This is just me, but wouldn’t aircraft be a more practical answer to fighting aliens? Or are these like surfing aliens? Seriously, battleships were retired because they make no sense in modern warfare. They are huge targets that cannot project force any farther than a missile-armed cruiser or destroyer, and cannot begin to project the level of force an aircraft carrier can. Unless they are getting all Space Battleship Yamato here (where’s the wave-motion gun?), this just sounds stupid.

Listen, maybe this movie will be pure awesome soaked in cool, but it’s got a lot of work to convince me of that.