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Heroes are to be Hired?

I’m a fan of Iron Fist, and I’m a fan of Luke Cage. I was also a fan of the most recent version of Heroes for Hire. Now, Luke Cage is still doing his thing as the lead man for the Thunderbolts, but Iron Fist and H4H have lost their titles.

Until now.

Seems that the team behind another favourite comic series that died an untimely death—the Guardians of the Galaxy—will be bringing H4H back to the page, with Iron Fist but lacking Luke Cage. The concept seems to follow on the most recent H4H series, but without as many female characters. The line-up seems to be Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Elektra, and the Punisher (on the cover) and may include Black Widow, Misty Knight, Paladin, Falcon, and Silver Sable.

This does not get me excited.

You know what? Putting Iron Fist together with Shang-Chi, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing would be awesome. It would be a mix of original H4H with the more recent one. It would include iconic H4H characters. It could be street level, even a little pulp or noir.

These days, Elektra reminds me too much of that whole Skrull War thing. And Moon Knight? I don’t know, is he still insane? Possessed by an Egyptian deity or whatever?

But Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning get a lot of leeway from me. I’ll be sure to check out what they’re delivering this time. Fingers duly crossed.

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