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Frying Up Holmes

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I really enjoyed Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. A huge part of that enjoyment was Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Those two did an amazing job of bringing a new lens to the Holmes-Watson equation. Ritchie brought a lot of kineticism and excitement to the screen as well. I’m 100% behind a sequel.

Now that is 110%.

First, we’ll be getting Mycroft Holmes in the mix—that would be Sherlock’s smarter big brother. Yes, smarter. Amusing, no?

Second, the smarter brother is going to be played by Stephen Fry.


Given that the first movie made Holmes a kind of hyper-intelligent James Bond (minus the gadgets which is, of course, a plus), could Mycroft be M?


There’s a good Collider article on this here.

2 thoughts on “Frying Up Holmes”

  1. If you want to see an excellent and fresh treatment of the Holmes universe, check out the BBC 2010 production of Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberpatch. Outstanding and in the wake of the Ritchie/Downey/Law interpretation, I think that is saying something.

  2. I’ve heard lots of good things about the new BBC Sherlock Holmes, and I’d love to check it out some time. Problem is, Queen Wife and I haven’t even caught up with Doctor Who yet. Or How I Met Your Mother. Can I get a few extra hours in the day?

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