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Emotionally Filthy, oh that Deadpool!

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Ryan Reynolds has been talking about the proposed Deadpool movie, and he’s actually given me hope. Not hope that will actually see this movie, about which I have my doubts, but hope that should this movie force its way into creation, it won’t totally suck.

According to Mr. Reynolds, the Deadpool movie will not be constrained by what happened in the Wolverine movie.

Thank you.

Ryan was outstanding as Wade in that movie, but what later happened to Deadpool was straight up stupid. I honestly couldn’t believe it. Actually, I could, that movie sucked dead donkey balls that had been sautéed over a shit fire. Pissing all over the Deadpool character was part of a pattern of flagrant fucktardery.

Apparently the movie is going to have a very serious side, if Mr. Reynolds’ comparison of the script to the movie Barfly is to be believed. Still, we are told that Deadpool will break the fourth wall and will be totally hilarious.

That’s a heck of a lot for a movie to accomplish. Still, even if it fails to hit those beats, as long as we get a movie that replicates to some degree the lunacy and energy that made Deadpool so popular, I’ll be pretty happy.

You can find the interview here.