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Ed Hulks Out

Whenever I hear “creative differences,” I’m dead certain there’s something else going on. Some of the time I may be wrong, but most of the time, I’m right. Stuart Townshend’s “creative differences” for Lord of the Rings? He looked too young—which, to me, was a “of course he does!”

And when Marvel said “creative differences” for leaving Ed Norton out of the Avengers (and, supposedly, any future Hulk movies), I likewise smelled a rat. When Marvel later said Ed didn’t play well with others, I got a chuckle. There’s more to that story, for sure.

And apparently, the “more” is money, as in Marvel didn’t want to pay Norton’s asking price. The “playing well with others” part is apparently bullshit—and, yes, I do believe Ed Norton over Marvel, because what he’s selling actually makes sense.

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