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Dark Tower Brightening Screens

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There are those who are going to need a new pair of pants upon learning that Ron Howard is involved in a project to bring Stephen King’s Dark Tower series to the screen—both big and small.

The plan is to have three feature films, with two televisions series to bridge the gap between the first and second, and then the second and third film. It seems to me that this is a production that is trying to get as much of the words on the page up onto the screen.

Having Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Akiva Goldsmith on board is not a guarantee of quality, but it’s about as close to a guarantee as one can get. Everyone has an off day or delivers a bad product, but these three are surprisingly consistent in delivering watchable entertainment, and sometimes even art.

I haven’t read the books. I’m just willing to invest that amount of time right now when my own time constraints are so heavy. This may work to my advantage. I saw David Lynch’s Dune before I read the novel, and it allowed me to enjoy the movie for what it was—and it is a movie I still enjoy—without dwelling on the deviations and portrayals.

You can read more about this here.