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Alien Encounters

It’s great to hear that Ridley Scott may be returning to Alien. It’s great that these prequels may touch on things like the origins of the Aliens and an explanation for the “space jockey” (big, alien thing on the spaceship with ribs blown out). Now another piece of news that is pretty great.

There were talks that Gemma Arterton might have some role in these movies. Now, while the roles in which I have seen her have cast her mostly as eye candy (Clash of the Titans and Quantum of Solace), she is apparently, a good actress. Reviewers have lots of nice things to say about her in the Disappearance of Alice Creed.

The rumour has been officially scotched by Aterton’s publicist, but really I just wanted to post this to talk about Ridley Scott returning to Alien (woo-hoo!) and to post a picture of Ms. Aterton (woo-hoo!). The fact is, until someone signs something, it is all rumour, and we have heard denials before that have led to actual verifications once the deal is struck.

Who knows what will happen with these movies. They might not even get made—but if they are, Ridley Scott has said he wanted to top James Cameron’s Avatar. With the right script in hand, Ridley might do just that.