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The Clothes Make the Norse God

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thor_1There have been lots of great photos of the Thor movie hitting the intartubes recently. Not all of them fill me with excitement, but I’m still optimistic. I was hearing a lot of the techno-mythic feel of the costuming, and everything I’ve seen so far fits that description.

But honestly, that doesn’t worry me too much. I’m not going to rave about the costuming we’ve seen for Thor, Odin, and Loki, although I have to say that the throne room looks pretty cool. I will say that I can live with the costuming decisions, and might actually grow to love them if this movie kicks ass.

Considering it is being directed by Kenneth “Fuckin’ Awesome!” Branagh, I have high hopes.

High. Hopes.

And if you piss on those, Hollywood, I may have to do something drastic. Like post a stern article.

You have been warned.

Image of Thor, Odin, and Loki here.

Image of the throne room here.