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Stranger than Conan?

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I haven’t seen the new Conan movie, nor the script for it. What I have read, leads me to believe that the writers hadn’t read Robert E Howard’s works. Maybe they thought they could do a better job, in which case, my money is on the fact that they are very, very wrong.

So wrong.

Now Marvel is handing these guys Dr. Strange to adapt.

I probably should be excited because I like the Dr. Strange character. I always have. Maybe it’s that fantasy mixed with supers that I like—y’know, two great tastes and all that. If these guys do to Dr. Strange what they have done to Conan, I’m going to be pissed. As I said about Conan—go ahead and use all the mythology, use the setting, but if you are going to ignore the character and his history and make up your own, why use the characters name.

The good thing is, Marvel has already taken care of that for them.

These guys can write the script for Brother Voodoo, Sorcerer Supreme!

Besides, I already know a guy that can write the Dr. Strange script. That is, if it’s not me.

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