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McDonough’s Such A Dum Dum

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I remember Neal McDonough as Lt. Hawk from First Contact. Not the meatiest of roles, but hey, he was in Trek. Then I saw him in Band of Brothers. As with all the performances in that mini-series, outstanding! So I’m always excited when I see his name attached to a movie (or the names of Damian Lewis and Ron Livingstone).

Now I’ve said before that I am a little bit anxious with Joe Johnstone taking on Captain America, but having Neal McDonough attached as “Dum Dum” Dugan turns my interest up to at least simmer (from lukewarm). The thing is, if Neal McDonough is playing Dum Dum, this is not the Dum Dum I remember from Sgt. Fury’s Howlin’ Commandos. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I do wonder if this means they are divorcing Dum Dum from Nick Fury, which would kind of be sad, or if Dugan is only in the present. I can’t see them using Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in WWII.