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Urban Terrain

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For some reason, this article, slated for April 22, never got published. Sorry for the late–as they say, better than never.

Collider delivers yet again with a great interview with Karl Urban. I’m a bit late, but go check it out. There’s nothing particularly revealing about the actor himself, other than exhibiting humility and a bit of insight as to how he builds a character.

I’ve liked Urban since he played my absolute favourite character from the Lord of the Rings novels, Eomer. His role in the movie kind of got hosed, but that was not Urban’s fault. I think he truly did justice to what he was given. I just wish we had have seen more of him.

I think I’m one of the few people who really enjoyed the Chronicles of Riddick, and the amazing acting talent brought together for that is part of it. I mean, not just Urban and Diesel, but Colm Feore, Dame Judi Densch, and Thandie Newton.

Mmmm, Thandie Newton.

Ahem. It’s sad when someone with Urban’s talents is relegated to dross like Pathfinder. I really hope he gets noticed and starts getting more high profile work.

Not that Star Trek is not high profile . . .