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Doing the ATM This Summer!

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Because fate just wants to kick me in the junk, soon after reading that Hollywood has planted a big steaming dump on Allan Quatermain, it’s time for D’Artagnan and the boys to get their share.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that there are at least two versions of the Three Musketeers that may be filmed soon, one by Doug “Bourne Identity” Liman and one by Paul W. S. “Oh God He Sucks!” Anderson. Guess which one is going to principal photography first.

If you chose the one that has any hope of being good, you’d be wrong.

Seems the distributors want ATM in theatres next summer, so Anderson is filming this summer.

It truly pained me to write that.

We’ll see what happens, but when two projects are scheduled so close together, something bad usually happens to one of them. A rival Sherlock Holmes production got dropped when the Robert Downey Jr. one was released. Back in the day, Fox rushed the Patrick Bergin Robin Hood out on TV to beat the Kevin Costner abortion to the punch.

If ATM hits all the notes first, will Liman even bother to start the song?