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Born to be the Bestest Evar!

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A synopsis for the Green Lantern movie apparently official and supposedly from Warner Bros. has been circling the intarwebs. It sounds interesting, but not particularly inspiring.

The synopsis basically boils down to Parallax threatening the very universe and Hal Jordan being recruited as the very first human Green Lantern. Of course, because we humans is so dang aw-sum, Hal’s going to be the bestest GL evar!

Um, yeah.

Seriously, the reason that Hal’s going to be legend—(wait for it)—dary is because no other being in the galaxy has a human’s humanity. That’s right, humanity.

It’s too bad they didn’t choose a dog, because I’d be interested in finding out just what dogity does with the power ring.

Now this is only a synopsis, and I’m not totally certain it’s even legit, but it really does scream paint-by-numbers. Maybe Hal is just awesome, and that’s why he’ll be the best GL. And maybe it’s not the best GL ever, but certainly the key to fighting Parallax. And maybe, just maybe, it’s his hard work and determination to be the best that actually scores the trick, rather than being born into it.

Do these people not want a meritocracy? It’s like Star Wars—much as I love and worship at the altar of the original three—which is pretty much a hidden screed in favour of eugenics (if you haven’t been born into it, you can’t join the Jedi!)

In any case, I’m still in wait and see mode. Given the regularity with which I see movies, I think it’s clear this won’t be seen in the theatre anyway.

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