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Waiting for Guillermo

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MGM’s financial woes have not only affected the James Bond franchise, but are also messing with the Hobbit.

I just want to state plainly here that if you can’t get excited about Guillermo del Toro directing a Peter Jackson production of the Hobbit, you either have no soul, or it has been ensnared by Melkor’s machinations.

Anyway, moving along.

Peter Jackson remains confident that the movie will go forward, and del Toro is scouting locations (and being filmed by the “DVD crew” for use as extras on the DVD—that’s thinking ahead!). All that Jackson can say is filming will likely begin this year, probably October or November.

I may have been critical of a fair amount of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, but it was certainly amazing entertainment. The more I divorce it from the books in my head—and they are not only two very different media, they are the products of very different generations and philosophies—the more I can enjoy them. I am a big enough fan of del Toro to know that I really, really want to see his take on the Hobbit, and while I can be patient, I don’t want to have to be that patient!